In the Community

We work hard to support the charities listed below by participating in community events throughout the city. We are proud to give back and proud of the culture we have built within our organization. You will find us supporting and promoting at corporate fundraising events, corporate on-sites visits and community fundraising and sporting events.

We offer a Corporate Onsite Program that allows us to visit organizations and massage staff. Proceeds of the costs of our onsite program are passed through to one of the listed charities below.

In 2014, we were chosen as one of the four official United Way fundraising partners for the 2014/2015 campaign. This means, we will visit organizations throughout the year and help them raise funds for their United Way campaign while providing an essential service to staff.

If you have an event and are aligned with one of the charities listed below, we are happy to help and participate.

· United Way Ottawa (official fundraising partner for 2014/2015 campaign): United Way helps tackle the biggest social problems facing our community.

· Foodbank: Feeding the hungry.

· PLEO: For families in Ottawa whose children are dealing with mental health issues.

· Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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Starting August of 2013, Anna Belanger has massaged the staff at Shopify on a monthly basis and has passed the proceeds directly to local charities. Most of the time, monies are given to the listed charities above while other times, special circumstances and/or events will prompt a change any given month.

  • Anna Belanger and Allison Gunn recently volunteered at the Running to raise monies for the Run For The Cure 
  • Anna raised money last year for the Salvation Army (also via The Running Room)
  • Anna's charity of choice for her Dove Mom Role Mode award, went to Hawthorne Elementary, the monies ( $2500) started a breakfast program
  • Anna and her husband Mark have ridden the 100k bike ride for Multiple Sclerosis the last two years raising monies and awareness to this disabling disease