Prenatal Massage | Why should I get prenatal (pregnancy) massage?

Pregnant and thinking about getting a prenatal massage?  Here's why that's a good idea!

 If you have ever had massage before you probably already know how much better you felt afterwards, some of the proven benefits of massage are; improved circulation, reduced stress, reduced pain and improved sleep. Research into prenatal massage specifically, suggests that improved mood, reduced stress and anxiety, and reduced back and leg pain are all effects of prenatal massage. Recent studies into maternal health suggest that improved mood and decreased stress have a positive effect on your baby.

Some of the issues our prenatal clients come in for at Anna Bélanger and Associates are hip pain, back pain (low and mid), neck pain, swelling in ankles and feet, stress, calf cramps at night, carpal tunnel - numbness and tingling in hands. Many clients just come to relax; it is hard work growing a human!

When you come for a prenatal massage for the first time, you will be asked to fill out a health history form and your massage therapist will discuss any issues you may have had prior to your pregnancy and any concerns you have during your pregnancy.

Why book your prenatal massage Anna Belanger and Associates?

At Anna Belanger and Associates, we use a body cushion system which allows most pregnant women to lie prone (face down) during part of their treatment. We check and adjust the cushions carefully to ensure comfort and safety and you can always ask to change position if you are uncomfortable - just let your therapist know! We want you to leave feeling better than when you came in. We like the body cushion as it allows us to treat your back and hips symmetrically without adding stress to those joints involved, but are happy and able to treat in a side lying position if needed by our clients.

Approximately 60% of our clients at all three clinics are pregnant - our therapists get and have a lot of experience. In any given year a full time therapist at Anna Belanger and Associates may perform upwards of 500 hours of prenatal massage! As registered massage therapists, all of our staff have had more than 2200 hours of education and are all engaged in continuing education.  It is important to your therapist that they are able to provide you with the best care possible.

Have questions about your next prenatal massage? We are here to help!


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