Pregnant in Ottawa? Find out more about our Prenatal Services

Thank you to everyone who attended the Baby Show in March! We had such an exciting (and busy) weekend. We met and massaged over 250 show attendees! We hope that in those 15 minutes of relaxation they truly enjoyed their experience. 

Anna Belanger & Associates started specifically as a prenatal clinic 6 years ago.  Today, we massage 400 pregnant women on average per month!  We’ve developed an amazing reputation for our prenatal services and consider ourselves Ottawa’s most experienced prenatal massage therapy clinic.  

Wondering why pregnancy massage is so important? It can help with:

  • decrease back pain and discomfort
  • reduce sciatic pain and sacro-iliac joint pain
  • reduce calf cramps and swelling in feet
  • decrease carpal tunnel symptoms and swelling in hands
  • promote a more restful sleep and reduce pregnancy induced insomnia
  • increase relaxation and reduce stress
  • decreasing the anxiety and physical stress while going through fertility treatments

Are you pregnant and wondering how we can help make you more comfortable? Our skilled staff would love to meet you. Visit the website to learn more about our prenatal services or contact us with your questions and find out why we've become one of Ottawa's leading prenatal massage clinics.