Hot Stone Massage: What is it and Why should you book it?

In the cold of winter, do you dream about being some place tranquil, with warmth surrounding your body while waves of relaxation calm you and soothe your aching body? We can help!

Hot Stone Massage has become a popular service and we are happy to offer it at our clinics.  

We chatted with one of our therapists, Maryann, who specializes in this technique, about what makes it so special, and why our clients love it so much. 

A Hot Stone massage is a massage with stones in the therapist's hand. The stones are heated to help relax the muscles and allow the therapist to get to the deeper muscles with less pressure need to be applied. The stones are basalt stones, basically they are volcanic stones that have been smoothed by water. The benefit is the natural salts in the stones help to eliminate "toxins" from the body. However, they also pull out water from the body so it is recommended to hydrate before and after a treatment.             

While it sounds amazing, Hot Stone Massage isn't for everyone. "There are limitations to hot stones. Pregnant women should choose another treatment." Says Maryann.

 And what makes a Hot Stone Massage different than other massages? It turns out not only are they hotter (as expected) but longer and has a deeper relaxation to it. "It's also a deeper therapeutic treatment as the muscles on the surface relax from the heat leaving the deeper muscles to be reached and relaxed from the massage. Hot stone is great for the skin opening the pores to allow dirt to escape." Maryann says. Clients like the more relaxed sensation and deeper massage that the Hot Stones offer. 

The massage itself is a longer session (which will appeal to many.) While a typical, good Hot Stone massage lasts 90 minutes, it can be done in 60 minutes. However, Maryann doesn't recommend that and suggests that the full 90 minutes is better when using the stones for the client. 

One final note from Maryann: "All therapists bring a different aspect to each treatment whether it is Hot Stone or "regular" massage. No therapist treats the same. I would say the therapists at Anna Belanger & Associates have nurturing qualities and strong intuitiveness and bring those qualities, as well as their high level education into each treatment."

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