Giving Back: The United Way Corporate Campaign

Looking for a massage in your workplace? That isn’t a trick question!

Indulge at work AND help give back to the community with our 2014/2015 United Way Corporate Campaign Program!

In 2014, we were chosen as one of the four official United Way fundraising partners for the 2014/2015 campaign.  Together, we’ve put together the perfect corporate program for any sized business.  We offer a Corporate Onsite Program that allows us to visit organizations and massage staff.  That’s right, we work with you to pick a date, arrange for staff to have appointments on site and a portion of the fees per massage will be donated to the United Way and back into our community.  

We consider massage an essential service to hard working employees.

Your organization ends up with a lot of stress-free staffers, which in turn means more productivity, right?

We’d love to set you up today! For more details or to set up a date, please contact