It's Personal


Mondays are now going to be name motivational Mondays! I will share pieces of my life story each week.

I love my business, I fought hard to be where I am, I believe in what I do, to me…this is personal!

My parents met in a refugee camp in Trieste Italy, they married after 3 days of meeting each other. As refugees they came to Canada with a 2 month old baby. When the boat docked they got 12 dollars and a can of beans (with the hot dog in it) to start their life. They bought a house after 2 years of living here. My dad was a cabinet maker and my mom did what ever she could do make money as she spoke no english, she was fluent in Italian and Yugoslavian. Often they worked opposite shifts. They married 55 years ago, they are still married and residing in BC. I am the youngest of 4 girls.

As a kid I was embarrassed that my parents didn’t have fancy jobs with degrees to support their education. My mom’s english was and still is broken. We had the only brick house in town, had prosciutto hanging in our fireplace or closet and fig trees. We wasted nothing and I grew up knowing that you had to work hard for money. My parents instilled deep values and I miss them everyday. I now can truly appreciate how hard they worked and the stories of their journey.