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My birth name is Anna Maria/ Anna Marie – it depends which parent is speaking to me. My dad ( Milovan) calls me Anna-Marie and my mom (Franceska) calls me Anna-Maria. For me I just like Anna – which in the baby books defines the name as “grace”.

Grace was not really how any one would have described me in my youth. ( probably not in my adult life either) I was the skinny kid and was teased about it…endlessly. “Here comes Anna Anorexia, or here comes the carpenter’s dream – flat as a board and never been nailed.” Grade 5, when most of the girls started their periods and had body changes happening, my teacher brought me outside of the class room and asked if my parents were feeding me enough. Can you imagine how mortified I was?

Much like how I didn’t tell my parents that they actually filled out my birth certificate wrong – by forgetting to hyphen the name they couldn’t agree about. I also didn’t tell them I was teased by other kids and confronted by adults about my body. How could I tell the most hard working people in my world, that made sure a hot meal was served on the table every night, that others felt that I was not being properly cared for. My mother amazed me (and still does today) how she could open what seemed to be an an empty fridge to me, and make the most amazing suppers. When I meet other women I believe that each of us has a story, that in the present moment she may be carrying pain and can not express it. My clinic was created as a safe place for women.