Let the poor boy in

The famous hat - on the snowman!

The famous hat – on the snowman!

Have you seen the movies My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Moonstruck? Well put those two together, add a Serbian Archie Bunker and an Italian Edith Bunker and that is how I would describe my family life growing up. A client recently told me that her parents collected land and diamonds. My thoughts were- well at one time my  dad collected salad dressings and my mom collected African Violets.  Just imagine walking in to a house where there were tons of Kraft salad dressing bottles displayed above the kitchen cabinets. Then one day they realized the salad dressings had expiry dates – I can tell you now that I will never eat Catalina dressing ever again!

Funny how I can laugh at this all now. Before I would invite anyone over I would prepare my parents and my friends for greeting.  First thing is, my mom will look at their eyes  and later I would hear nothing or ” his eyes are too close together…he’s sneaky” My dad would be disgusted if a man wore a baseball hat in the house, as this was disrespectful…so hats off!  I always prayed that their crazy stories wouldn’t come out! My mom has a story about putting a curse on a goat and well my dad has some real doozies about his adventures growing up.  One time I was outside with my friend Marjorie and there were some boys with us – My mom in her loud Edith voice, ” Anna Maria let the poor boy in!” She still teases me and there was no way I was inviting him in!

I remember vividly the day my mom tried to console me over a boyfriend breakup, ( I think this was also her sex talk)  this is what she said, ” Anna-Maria you are like a rose and one day when you meet the right man, your rose will bloom”. My dads  line that I have used for my daughters. ” Anna-Marie don’t chase the boys, let the boys chase  you”.   When I  met Mark ( almost 14 years ago) it was at a house party. I recall my friend Lisa saying, ” come on Anna, you have to get out”. I was going through my divorce and wasn’t sure how to go out alone. Well the first night out and there he was, my prince charming. His eyes weren’t too close together, but he was wearing a hat! Oh no, this guy is so nice, he’s asking me out ( so I’m not chasing the boy) but the hat – is he sneaky or disrespectful? It’s not a baseball hat, but still. I had been married for 10 years prior and the only dating tips I could remember was the crazy notions of my parents.

Mark and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary this year! He does so much for my clinics in the background: website, online booking, statistic spreadsheets, forecasts…. He is a supporting pillar for our clinics,knows its personal and loves what we do.

I do!